Roof Solutions is a dedicated Pittsburgh roofing company comprised of expert technicians, roofing specialists, and contractors who are certified and trained in providing clients only the highest quality of workmanship for a hundred percent customer satisfaction. Whether you need to get your house, industrial facility, or building’s roof fixed, Roof Solutions will keep your roof solid and in top condition, so that no matter the weather and season, you can be assured that you’re safe and comfortable. We provide several comprehensive roofing solutions for your problems, such as roof repair, roof installation, roof replacements, and roof inspections for both residential and commercial buildings.


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Having a damaged and worn roof is not only detrimental to the safety of your assets but also for your company’s image. Roof Solutions knows just how important it is to adhere to state safety regulations for ensured comfort and safety. That’s why Roof Solutions provide comprehensive roofing services that restore your roof’s integrity to perfection.


Homes experience wear and tear over time due to exposure to the elements and several other factors, so it’s inevitable for your roof’s integrity to be compromised, that’s why Roof Solutions offers high-quality roofing services that will keep the roof over your head solid and well maintained.

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